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What sets us apart?

When we create an itinerary for you, we place a lot of care and attention into ensuring that our proposal is perfectly suited to you. We do not run automated computer models that simply spit out itineraries and suggestions – we take our time to give you a good, honest, professional and well-priced proposal.  In some ways, one could say we offer the best of the “old” combined with the best of the “new” – we run our business on old fashioned values using the best of modern technology.

Over the years we have developed a culture or business ethos that focuses 100% on:



Years of Experience – Open Road Tours was established in 2003 and we have been arranging memorable tailor-made holidays for countless happy clients across the globe. They say there is no substitute for experience.

Up-to-date knowledge – Being based here in Africa, we have our ears and eyes open on what is happening here right now. We keep up to date with developments in the hospitality industry – we know which hotels have new owners, which restaurants have deteriorated recently, which game lodges have had a re-vamp, which guesthouses have won this year’s awards. This “inside” knowledge is valuable and is something that we pass onto you when planning your trip.

Expert product knowledge – We only offer destinations and accommodation options that have recently been personally tested by an Open Road Tours staff member. With our local knowledge, we will help you discover unique and charming places you might otherwise have missed. We invest in our consultants by regularly sending them on trips to see new properties and products as well as to ensure that standards at existing properties remain up to high standard.

Perfectionism – Anything less than our best effort is not good enough for our clients. Everything we do is thoroughly checked to ensure that the program runs smoothly once your holiday starts.

Passion for Africa – We are blessed to live here in Africa. We are absolutely passionate about this continent – this is our home and we genuinely can’t wait to share it with you!

Best Price Guarantee

Best prices – Through our volume and direct relationships, we will ensure that you never pay more than you should.

No service fee – Open Road Tours does NOT place any service fee on our time and expertise in organising your tailor-made holiday.

No hidden costs – All of our pricing includes all taxes and tourism levies. All our itineraries will always have a detailed list of exactly what the tour price includes and excludes, so there are no nasty surprises.

Financial Protection

SATSA Membership – The Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) is the most representative tourism body in Southern Africa.  Membership of SATSA is subject to compliance to a strict set of conditions based on credibility, integrity and stability.  One of the important aspects of SATSA membership is the fact that SATSA members are bonded, providing a financial guarantee of deposits held and ensuring that your holiday and investment are protected.

Open Road Tours is a member of SATSA and our membership number is 2415.  Please feel free to verify our standing with SATSA by contacting them directly:

e-mail: memberships@satsa.co.za

Tel: +27-11-886 9996

Financial Cover – In addition to Open Road Tours being bonded, booking with Open Road Tours means you automatically have financial cover in the event that a property that you are booked into goes out of business or suffer natural causes.  It is important to note that this financial protection is not travel insurance. You will have to make sure that you are appropriately covered against cancellation fees and curtailment costs in case of medical reasons preventing you from travelling.

Secure payment options – In the modern world of e-commerce, our bank has sophisticated software that facilitates payments to be made to us via their secure online payment system. This means that we never get to see your credit card details so there is never any risk of your personal details being compromised.  You can choose between making a credit card payment using this secure online payment system or making an international bank transfer. Either way, your private banking and/or credit card details are entirely secure throughout the payment process.

24 hour Support – You need someone who not only knows Africa, but someone who is right here in Africa to sort things out for you. Since we are based here in Africa, we can react fast in the event of any issue or emergency.  The owner is on duty 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. We give this number to you prior to your arrival in Africa and we encourage you to call us at any time during your visit should the need arise.


Open Road Tours’ mission and goal is to help with all conservation efforts in South Africa.

We work best with camps, lodges and hotels that understand and protect the wildlife and ecosystems and are involved in these good causes.  This includes protection through anti-poaching and promoting the reintroduction of indigenous species.  Many African safari camps also support research projects that enhance an understanding of the wildlife areas in which they operate.

Just by travelling and booking with us, you help uplift local communities, enrich lives, fund conservation projects, and make a tangible difference in Africa’s wildlife, landscapes, and people.



Everything that Hannah did for us was amazing. The level of professionalism is top notch and with that also her friendly self shines through always. I feel that Hannah is the best and she really loves her work and it shows. Treat yourself and book with Hannah. No matter what you dream your trip to be I am sure Hannah can help you plan it.


If you are looking for friendly people, marvellous hotels in enchanting places of South Africa, interesting stops on your journey, lots of knowledge from the countryside and a brilliant organisation, than you should make your travel with Hannah. We have one of the most beautiful holiday we ever had in a wonderful country with our excellent guide and her company. She was available for us 24/7 to sort any question and queries we had. Thank you Hannah for an unforgettable holiday in South Africa! We are excited and will come back soon!


Hannah's sterling efforts in organising our trip to South Africa and Victoria Falls ensured the experience we had was seamless and memorable leaving us with fond memories of South Africa, the people, the scenery, the flora and fauna, and, of course, the wine and the food. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday, and her excellent co-workers. We look forward to utilising her services again at some time in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her company to our friends and family.

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